3 Professional Cleaners Myths Debunked!

Are cleaners dishonest? Do only lazy people hire cleaners? Does hiring professional cleaners dig a big hole in my pocket? Today there are many myths and stubborn prejudices against the entire professional cleaning industry in Australia. The biggest challenge faced while managing a commercial property is to keep it neat and clean. Whether it is a corporate house or a restaurant or a factory, keeping the property clean is vital. There are several myths relating to professional cleaning services which need to be debunked. The most common myths are as under:

Costs an Arm & A Leg

No, it doesn’t. You do not need to dig a big hole in your pocket or break your bank when you hire a professional cleaning service. You can compare, see reviews of the previous work done by different companies and then choose. This way you get the best quote and value for your money.

Searching a Cleaning Service Is Annoying and Time-consuming

No, it’s not. Today everything is online. Earlier people used to rely on yellow pages and recommendations from friends and family. Now the times have changed. You can easily book your cleaning service with just a few clicks based on your exact requirements.

Cleaners Are Not Trustworthy

This is true if you have not hired cleaners from reliable sources. We all hear stories about cleaners stealing money and personal items from friends and family. But, this happens only when the source is unreliable like a black market. Today, the complete cleaning industry has moved online. Booking a cleaning service not only saves you time but is also considered best for security purposes. You can easily go through the reviews and their experience.

With an experience of over 20 years, Gateway Services is renowned for providing professional, quality and reliable cleaning solutions. We provide corporate cleaning, retail and shopping centre cleaning, factory and warehouse cleaning, hotels and clubs cleaning, restaurant and food industry cleaning, car park cleaning, schools and colleges cleaning and hospitals and nursing home cleaning at affordable prices.

Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaning Services for Schools

“Education is the key to unlocking the world and a passport to freedom.” – Oprah Winfrey

When the environment is clean, one feels happy, motivated and healthy. It is, therefore important to provide our schools and colleges with the best cleaning services. School cleaning is a challenging task. A clean classroom means a healthy place for the students to learn and the teachers to teach, and therefore, many schools believe in hiring professional cleaning services for the educational institutes. Here are some of the advantages of hiring professional school cleaning services in Sydney.

Environmentally Safe

Today professional cleaners use many innovative and latest cleaning technologies. In addition to this, a reputed cleaning service company like Gateway services will only use environment-friendly products that cause no harm to the students or the atmosphere.

Experienced Staff

One of the biggest advantages of hiring professional cleaning service is they come with years of experience. A well-experienced team would clean and sanitize the whole educational institute effectively in minimum downtime.

Specialised Tools & Equipment

A professional cleaning service firm would invest their time and money in finding the absolute cleaning materials and equipment available in the market. In addition to this, a professional service provider would have a wide array of supplies, specific tools and cleaning products for every job. The highly-skilled team would know when to use which tool and product to give a high-quality cleaning result.

Tailored Plan

Most of the professional cleaning firms like Gateway Services provide annual cleaning for school and college cleaning. At Gateway Services, we listen to your requirements closely and then design a customized plan to suit your needs. We shall devise a cleaning schedule that would suit your needs and deliver exceptional results while following all the cleaning rules and regulations.

Gateway Services is renowned for providing one-stop solution for schools and colleges like window cleaning, lawn and gardening, tree trimming, high-rise cleaning, pressure cleaning, graffiti removal, classroom and office cleaning, practical kitchen and school canteen cleaning, cleaning and sanitizing toilets and amenities, car park cleaning using industrial ride-on sweepers and complete interior facility cleaning in Sydney. Connect with us on 1300 554 772 for the best professional cleaning service experience.

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