3 Professional Cleaners Myths Debunked!

Are cleaners dishonest? Do only lazy people hire cleaners? Does hiring professional cleaners dig a big hole in my pocket? Today there are many myths and stubborn prejudices against the entire professional cleaning industry in Australia. The biggest challenge faced while managing a commercial property is to keep it neat and clean. Whether it is a corporate house or a restaurant or a factory, keeping the property clean is vital. There are several myths relating to professional cleaning services which need to be debunked. The most common myths are as under:

Costs an Arm & A Leg

No, it doesn’t. You do not need to dig a big hole in your pocket or break your bank when you hire a professional cleaning service. You can compare, see reviews of the previous work done by different companies and then choose. This way you get the best quote and value for your money.

Searching for a Cleaning Service Is Annoying and Time-consuming

No, it’s not. Today everything is online. Earlier people used to rely on yellow pages and recommendations from friends and family. Now the times have changed. You can easily book your cleaning service with just a few clicks based on your exact requirements.

Cleaners Are Not Trustworthy

This is true if you have not hired cleaners from reliable sources. We all hear stories about cleaners stealing money and personal items from friends and family. But, this happens only when the source is unreliable like a black market. Today, the complete cleaning industry has moved online. Booking a cleaning service not only saves you time but is also considered best for security purposes. You can easily go through the reviews and their experience.

With an experience of over 20 years, Gateway Services is renowned for providing professional, quality, and reliable cleaning solutions. We provide corporate cleaning, retail and shopping center cleaning, factory and warehouse cleaning, hotels and clubs cleaning, restaurant and food industry cleaning, car park cleaning, schools and colleges cleaning, and hospitals and nursing home cleaning at affordable prices.

Why Does a Club Need Professional Cleaning Services?

A club is one such place that goes through daily wear and tear. The footfall is huge and there are many areas in one premises. A club usually includes a dance floor, restrooms, a DJ Booth, a bar area, a seating area, an outdoor waiting area, a kitchen, cold storage, and lots of cabinets. This is what makes it cumbersome to clean.

Although some may argue that the regular staff does clean the place, they may not clean it so deeply and might ignore some sensitive areas as well. Plus, because of the mess made every day, the club floors might require proper sanitization to keep the germs at bay.

Apart from this, areas such as the kitchen and the washrooms are high priority. Washrooms are used more frequently and hence are required to be made spick and proper. The kitchen, on the other hand, is the place where pests can thrive due to the amount of food made and the cold storage.

One more area that requires careful cleaning is the dance floor. A lot of times, there might be small pieces of broken glass still lying on the floor or in carpets which may result in major injuries. Such carelessness is best avoided with thorough wiping using the right equipment to prevent the floor from becoming slippery.

Additionally, all of this needs to be done daily and since it might not be the staff’s cup of tea. Hiring a professional cleaning service on an annual basis might be very beneficial. A professional cleaning service will take care that hygiene is maintained for the most unlikely of areas like areas under the bar table and cabinets, ice tubs, carpets, and upholsteries that might have drink stains and more. They will also have the right equipment for fast cleaning and will ensure that everything, from odours to dirt, is covered and your reputation is not soiled.

We provide professional cleaning services for clubs at the most reasonable prices. If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Sydney, give us a call at 1300 554 772.

Advantages of Hiring Annual Cleaning Service for Your Office

Australians spend almost more than half of their day at work. While you solely rely on your employees to make the office premises clean and tidy, it means the actual and thorough cleaning still needs to be done. Remember there is dirt, dust, allergens, and pathogens in your carpets, curtains, and the upholstery of office furniture. Therefore investing in a high-quality cleaning from Gateway Services is the ideal choice.

Yes, we agree with your feeling about unnecessarily spending on cleaning agencies, but what about the benefits that come along with a professional cleaning company? Hiring a cleaning company on an annual makes perfect sense and here are the actual benefits of doing so.

Experience, Expertise & Correct Equipment

A professional cleaning company like Gateway Service means properly trained cleaners with experience and the right kind of equipment. The well-trained staff from a cleaning company would precisely know how to clean the different parts of your office environment. Also, they would come armed with all the tools and equipment specifically designed to clean your office daily, thus reducing your expenditure on commercial or industrial cleaning products.

Staff Productivity

A clean office promotes more productivity. An office full of mess, dirt, grime, and clutter will not only attract health issues but also act as a distraction affecting concentration levels. If your office feels uncared, messy, and lacking attention, it would highly impact the standards of work produced. If you set high cleanliness standards, your staff shall also set the same high standards in their work ethics and productivity.

These were just basic benefits but with Gateway Services you shall see the difference yourself. Then whether it be productivity, a few sick leaves, or your peace of mind, we shall give you the best results.


The standards for cleanliness in the hotel industry are incredibly high. As a general manager or a business manager, it’s your responsibility to meet and exceed them around the clock. Your in-house cleaning staff works hard day and night, but they can’t clean everything effectively, and you can’t ask other departments to pitch in.

How do you create a balance between routine cleaning duties covered by the staff and the heavy work that keeps your hotels in top condition?

The answer is: Outsourcing your hotel cleaning to a professional cleaning company.

Why is Hotel Cleaning Important?

Cleanliness is one of the essential factors in running a successful hotel. While hotels not only provide a comfortable stay to guests, they also conduct several parties, conferences, and events of various sorts. Cleanliness is first essential no matter what of the above functions in it performing.

The first impression always counts in the hospitality industry.

For a hospitality industry like hotels, cleaning services are all the more essential because there is directly deal with the guests. The room one has booked, no matter what the price should always be clean. After the guest moves out or leaves the room, our team quickly cleans the room and blows it back to its normal excellent state. When a guest walks in for the first time, he notices the clean floors, sparkling reception, washrooms, and other areas. This shining impression builds a strong trust between the hotel and the guests.

At Gateway Services, our team of professional hotel cleaners makes sure that all the common areas of the hotel are neat and clean.

The hotel Cleaning benefits we provide are :

  • Keeping the entire hotel area clean
  • Maintain the interior of the hotel
  • Keep the hotel infection free and sanitised.
  • Look after the housekeeping requirements of the guests.
  • Provide cleanliness through the best equipment and products
  • Maintain all the divisions of the hotel
  • Help create the ambiance the hotel is known for

Looking for an Annual Cleaning Service for your hotels at a Competitive Price?

We are committed to offering satisfactory services to our clients and so for this reason, we are involved in rendering annual cleaning services. For more details call us today on 1300 554 772.

How Dirty Floors Ruins Your Business Reputation?

Let’s face it. Most of us tend to overlook what lies beneath our feet. And sadly, this is a common thing in the commercial premises. When it comes to cleaning, floors are given the least importance, and hence it is often ignored.

However, what most of us forget is that the floors are prone to dirt, dust, and debris. Anything that is not cleaned or discarded regularly makes the floor dirty and unhealthy.

A dirty floor might seem like a minor issue, but it can have severe repercussions for your business and brand image.

Let’s see how dirty floors can adversely affect your business and your brand reputation:

1. Affects Your Employees’ Health

It may seem strange, but dirtier floors are directly proportionate to a high number of sick leaves.

Since dirty floors are home to various disease-causing germs and bacteria, it can negatively impact your employees’ health.

Moreover, the accumulated dirt on the floors gives the germs a conducive environment to reproduce, resulting in their population explosion.  Such conditions affect the health of your employees, leading to more number of sick leaves. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional floor cleaning service provider to get a clean and sanitised floor that is free of all microorganisms.

2. Ruins Your Brand Image

Everything about your business premises can make or break the brand. Sometimes,  even a small thing like a lack of cleanliness can ruin your brand image.

A filthy floor can create a negative impression of your business and brand in the minds of your business associates or potential. It can also lead to the termination of business or loss of business if your clients aren’t impressed with the condition of your office.

3. Dirty floors are Prone to Damages

The dirt and debris on the floor affect its lifespan, irrespective of what it’s made of.  The accumulation of dust and other particles corrodes the surface, leading to structural damage. Sometimes, certain types of debris contain acidic components or traces of chemicals that cause tremendous damage.

Eventually, you will be forced to spend a significant amount of money on repairs, something that you could avoid if you get the floor cleaned regularly by professionals.

Call Gateway Services for complete commercial floor cleaning solutions. We not only get rid of dirt on the floor but also sanitise it to make it germ-free.
Get in touch with us on 1300 554 772 for a free quote!


Why Professional Commercial Kitchen Cleaning is Vital?

As a restaurant and hospitality business owner,  keeping the commercial kitchen clean is non-negotiable. Dirty and unsanitary kitchen spaces put your customers at risk of foodborne illness and present a significant fire risk. If your kitchen is not maintained following the state and federal laws of Australia, your restaurant could be fined or shut down.

Hiring a commercial kitchen cleaning service dramatically reduces or eliminates those risks, keeping your customers and employees safe and your restaurant in continuous operation.

The Advantages of Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

Most restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and food processing units handle their kitchen cleaning on their own. The in-house kitchen staff washes the dishes, sweeps, mops, and sanitises all surfaces before they leave. Heavy-duty equipment and oven cleaning tasks, on the other hand, are usually left to the professionals. In this scenario, a commercial kitchen owner puts the time and money into the cleaning task; sometimes the cleaning task requires stopping the ongoing operations, and it affects the overall business.

Professional kitchen cleaners are willing to work around your busy schedules, sending crews in overnight to avoid interfering with your hours of operation.

The Services Offered by Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Company

  • Provide deep cleaning and removing grease from the kitchen
  • exhausts and hoods
  • Cleaning all ceilings, kitchen walls, floors, and kitchen equipment
  • Emptying grease traps
  • Sanitising and disinfecting sinks and countertops
  • Refilling soap and chemical dispensers
  • Deep cleaning floor mats
  • Cleaning vents
  • Replacing air filters

Cleaning the exhaust fans is vital for fire prevention on the premises.  Left dirty, exhaust fans present a severe fire hazard. Regular cleanings are not only crucial to your health and safety; they’re required by the Food Australian Fire Protection Association and the federal Food and Drug Administration.

You can hire a professional kitchen cleaning service to perform regular deep cleanings – on a monthly, quarterly, or twice-yearly basis. Or, you can opt for a customised cleaning service for insurance and health inspection. At Gateway Services, we also provide an annual cleaning package at a competitive price. We can also customise the cleaning package as per the client’s commercial requirements.

Reliable cleaning service companies also provide pressure wash cleaning to clean and sanitise your kitchen. The powerful water jet is very effective at removing dirt, grease, and grime in a short amount of time.

What is the cost of commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services?

The cost of commercial kitchen cleaning depends on many factors, including the size of your facility, the cleaning task required, and which services you request.

For your commercial restaurant, cafe, bakery, or commercial kitchen facility cleaning, contact the experienced cleaners at Gateway Services. We perform an inspection of your kitchen before giving you a quote. Get in touch with us on 1300 554 772 for a free quote!

Why You Need Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services?

If you are a restaurant or cafe owner, you will know the importance of a clean and hygienic premise and how it is a non-negotiable thing!

It is a commercial prerogative for restaurants or cafes to minimise various risks like food contamination, the spread of diseases, or pest infestation. Failing to do so can lead to loss of reputation or worse your place could be penalised and get closed.

Professional Restaurant Cleaners – A Necessary Evil for the Food Industry

Cleaning a restaurant does not mean you tidy up the entrances, dining area, foyers, or bars. It involves more than you can imagine. To ensure your restaurant meets the hygiene and food safety standards set by the authorities, it is essential to clean and sanitise every single area right from floors, counters, shelves, and kitchen to the sinks and restrooms. And you need a professional to handle these oodles of cleaning tasks efficiently.

Here, we have listed a few reasons why commercial kitchen cleaning services are a necessary evil:

  • Training and Expertise

The professional cleaners have the required training, experience, and expertise to perform a thorough job. Moreover, they also have access to advanced equipment and cleaning products to sanitise the area. Additionally, the professionals use eco-friendly hospital-strength products and sanitisers to eliminate any risk of pest infestation. Also, a professional cleaner has high-powered vacuum cleaners that can easily remove minute particles which generally cannot get picked up by standard equipment.

  • Consistent and Reliable Services

When you hire a professional cleaning service, it means you are also hiring a regular, consistent, and reliable service provider who does not require a holiday or take additional days off.

When a professional cleaning service quickly replaces an absent cleaner; therefore your task will not be hampered for the day!

  • Extensive Cleaning of Every Corner

While regular cleaning will tidy up the entrance area or the restrooms, there are always these corners in the cafe or restaurant where crumbs, dust, and debris hide. Such accumulation of dust eventually increases the risk of contamination. When you call a professional restaurant cleaning service, they know how to find the problem areas, ensuring that every corner of the premises is sparkling clean.

In the end, hiring a professional commercial cleaning service provides peace of mind that your restaurant is clean and sanitary as per the standards set by the authorities. For more details contact us today at 1300 554 772.

Hire a Professional Medical Centre Cleaner For Clean And Sanitised Hospital

When a medical facility is not cleaned properly, it can harbour potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses which could negatively impact the health of patients and medical, alike.

Hire professional medical centre cleaners to get a hygienic, germ-free medical facility!

Instead of entrusting the cleaning service to a general janitorial service, it is recommended to hire professional cleaners who are trained to clean medical facilities.

Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to leave the medical centre cleaning to a professional service provider:

Clean and Sanitized Medical Facility

Failure to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene can adversely affect patients and the staff working in your facility. It can make the healthy staff ill and the sick patients even sicker.

Professional medical centre cleaners are trained and equipped to handle the spread of infections. Thus, they help in maintaining the overall health and well-being of the people within your medical facility. Cleaning service with proper skills and training can keep your medical facility clean and sanitised. They use the necessary equipment, and cleaning material to keep everyone -patients and staff alike – healthy.

Trained to handle medical cleaning

Medical cleaning is not just about mopping, sweeping or emptying the trash. It involves proper training to handle and clean any medical facility. Specially-trained cleaning service not only ensures that your medical facility is sanitised and hygienic but can also help your hospital be compliant with the standards of regulatory bodies. In addition to this, a properly trained cleaning service helps your hospital avoid any expensive fines and creates a healthy environment for the patients and medical staff.

Final word:

Relying upon the services of a professional cleaning service ensures that your medical centre is cleaned efficiently, and thoroughly.

To get a quote on medical centre cleaning services, call us on 1300 554 772.

Benefits of Professional Strata Cleaning Services in 2024

In our fast-paced lives, it is tough to keep our own homes clean, let alone the spaces we share with our neighbors.

If you have ownership of any commercial property and have the task of maintaining its cleanliness, you must address this cleaning job separately. Oftentimes these areas are exposed to more traffic and soiling than others.

The important thing is to look after the working conditions of your strata property. Apart from this, you must also attract new companies as tenants to fill up the vacant spaces.

To do this, proper maintenance is required which is impossible in 2024 without the help of professional cleaning services in Sydney. With the help of a cleaning company, you will ensure proper hygiene to curb germs that can harm you or the people working in the commercial strata.

So, what are the advantages of getting help from a professional strata cleaning company in Sydney?

Here at Gateway Services, we have extensive experience in providing strata cleaning in Sydney to a range of different types of properties. So we thought we share with you a complete run-down on what’s involved:

Common areas cleaning

Common areas like balconies and corridors are exposed to high traffic. Without professional cleaners, your in-house staff cannot ensure quality cleanliness. Cleaning these common areas includes:

  • Cleaning lifts and staircases,
  • Providing proper maintenance of car parks, walkways, and driveways.
  • Remove graffiti and other unwanted posters.
  • Sanitising and disinfecting skirting boards, railings, and patios.
  • High and low-rise cleaning windows
  • Trash cleaning and other waste management service

Taking care of various other cleaning tasks

Our strata cleaning professionals are not only helpful when it comes to cleaning your commercial premises, but they can also look after your lawns, floor care, and restroom cleaning.

Gateway Services is your one-stop provider for all types of cleaning needs for commercial and multi-level properties. Call today on 1300 554 772 and book our strata cleaning professionals.

The Importance Of Clean Workplace : High Productivity And Safe Environment

Whether you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur, the importance of a clean workplace is always the major cornerstone. A clean workplace environment is directly related to a more productive workforce and positive vibes towards a successful business. Moreover, the workplace environment directly influences the wellness, productivity, and performance of the employees. While we may be discussing a lot about workplace cleanliness, there can be a scenario where the cleanliness standards can dip and we have decisions to make about professional cleaning services.

In this blog, the professional cleaning experts at Gateway Services highlight a few important points for a clean workplace.


A clean workplace makes the employees feel valued and taken care of. Moreover, it decreases employee absenteeism due to reasons related to health. Indirectly, it improves the overall productivity of the employee, helping your business in the long run. Cleanliness also is related to effective compliance with the health and safety codes of the company.


A clean workplace environment is more appealing and welcoming to potential employees, clients, and business opportunities. A clean workplace environment instills a strong sense of confidence and professionalism, reflecting a lot about your brand.


Machinery and office equipment is a necessary element in any office. Efficient maintenance and a suitable cleaning regime are required to extend their life. This ensures that the business doesn’t need to incur extra expenditure on replacing these assets prematurely.

The bottom line of every business is the employees, stakeholders, clients, and investors – all being taken care of clean workplace. With great enthusiasm and professionalism, the experts at Gateway Services provide leading services in office cleaning services in Sydney. Apart from the general services, we provide a comprehensive range of services including strata cleaning services and more. For further information and to hire the best professional cleaners in the industry, call us at 1300 554 772!

Hire Now! Industrial, Factory And Warehouse Floor Cleaning Sydney

Over time, the industrial work sites, factories, and warehouses tend to accumulate large amounts of debris and grime on the floors. If these floors aren’t periodically cleaned, they can pose a serious risk to the safety of the employees. These floors can create safety hazards and can interfere with normal operations. The professionals at Gateway Services provide the best floor cleaning services in Sydney for industries, factories, and warehouses. We ensure that your floors are as safe as possible and abide by the OH&S guidelines in Australia.

Hire Floor Cleaning Services Now! Do you want to revive the floors to their original charm with commercial floor cleaning services? Gateway Services can be the best choice for you. We have access to advanced techniques, the latest equipment, and certified commercial cleaning professionals. We ensure that the cleaning requirements are fulfilled efficiently and quickly, without compromising the quality. Our experts handle everything from floor-sweeping to floor scrubbing – all at an affordable rate. Our services include

  • Use of specialised cleaning equipment
  • Guaranteed floor cleanliness, hygiene, and adherence to OH&S guidelines
  • Prevention of on-site accidents and serious injuries to employees
  • Quality results without exhausting physical efforts, use of labour, and time
  • Mechanically and electrically qualified cleaners
  • Minimised downtime to the routine operations

Options in Floor Cleaning Services At Gateway:

  • Commercial hard floor maintenance
  • Commercial floor stripping and carpet cleaning
  • Warehouse floor scrubbing
  • Power Sweeping
  • High-pressure floor cleaning
  • Oil stain removal
  • Driveway, patio, and paver cleaning
  • Anti-slip floor coating
  • Deep floor cleaning
  • Flood damage floor cleaning

Cleaning floors at these commercial facilities is a challenge and our team is always up for it. Call us for a wide range of cleaning services across Sydney.

Get the Best Service of Retail Cleaning in Sydney

Cleanliness provides additional and exceptional experience to customers in retail spaces. It is a major part of the shopping experience in a retail store or an outlet, giving the impression of an extra effort put behind in upkeep. Apart from giving an impression of a modern clean space, retail cleaning also aids in sales. Highly focused on high-traffic areas like entrances, restrooms, changing rooms, checkouts, and product display areas – retail cleaning revolves around creating the best impact and shopping experience for the visitors.

At Gateway Services, we follow the best practices in retail cleaning in Sydney to give your customers the best retail experience ever.

  • Simplified and hassle-free cleaning: With a wide range of multi-purpose cleaning products and advanced cleaning techniques, a range of areas and surfaces can be cleaned easily. These factors also minimise re-work and reduce the complexity of the retail cleaning jobs.
  • The first impression is the last: Regardless of the decor and extra efforts put behind the interiors, cleanliness is the base of your retail business. Retail Cleaning Sydney by Gateway Services ensures that your retail space reflects the best of products for customer appreciation. The more the customers appreciate coming to your retail outlet, the more they are likely to spend money on your products.
  • High-touch areas were cleaned too! With so much to display for the buyers, the only customer-friendly option is to have clean counters and display areas. The counters, displays, and waiting areas suffer the maximum fingerprints. We ensure that these areas are always decluttered, disinfected, and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Let the dust go away! With high traffic, the fixtures, furniture, shelves, displayed products and entrances show a lot of dust. This not only makes the retail space look bad but also triggers allergies. At Gateway Services, our certified professionals ensure that dust is not accumulate in the premises.
  • Sparkling and attractive floors: Floors speak a thousand volumes about the cleanliness of your retail space and business. Our professionals follow a daily routine and expert techniques to make your floors shine. Our retail cleaning Sydney services are designed according to the floor types, ensuring no damage to your investment.

If you want to boost your retail business and focus on retail cleaning, contact Gateway Services in Sydney. We are highly experienced and ensure that your customers are never disappointed in terms of cleanliness.

Make your retail business look brand new at an affordable price!

How To Choose Right Strata Cleaning Professionals in Sydney?

Strata properties are reliable investments with great returns in commercial and residential markets – if maintained properly. It is highly known that good strata cleaning in Sydney is very important in the maintenance regime. Owners of clean strata have all the reasons to be proud as it adds great value to their properties. Now, choosing a reliable strata cleaning service is a hassle.

Follow the factors stated below to make your final decision and choose the best strata cleaner in Sydney!

Do a proper research:

Classifieds and an online search can give you a list of cleaners, but selecting the reliable one is a major challenge. Your research should include testimonials from previous customers, the online reputation enjoyed by the company, and ratings from the clients who have tried their services. You should also focus on services required by you and services offered by them.

Reliability and Flexibility:

Always look out for the scope of services and short-list the ones with a wide range of services in strata cleaning Sydney. A good cleaner should be able to provide the clients with a one-stop solution to all the cleaning and maintenance requirements.

General strata cleaning services include :

  • Window cleaning
  • Strip and sealing floors
  • Vacuum for common areas and foyers
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Cleaning and mopping hard surfaces
  • Cobweb removal and cleaning of lighting fixtures
  • Cleaning facilities like car parks, lifts, letterbox areas, and fire stairs
  • Cleaning and disinfecting trash cans

Insurance and License:

Request a documented version of the company’s insurance policy and go through it thoroughly. The insurance is crucial for any mishappening that might occur during the cleaning process and the cleaner can be held liable for it. The license and possessed certifications ensure quality assurance with reliable health & safety norms. It is also important to inquire about the accreditation from the relevant regulatory authorities.

Request for Quote Before Hiring:

The quotes would let you do a price-services comparison from the short-listed cleaners. Always remember that inexpensive rates don’t determine high quality or credibility. It is highly important to avail good quality strata cleaning at affordable rates.

If you are looking for someone who fits the criteria, look no further than Gateway Services for strata cleaning in Sydney. Whether large buildings or luxurious residential complexes, our professionals know their job and strictly adhere to Australian standards.

Call our customer service today at 1300 554 772 and feel the difference!

Get the Ultimate Restaurant Cleaning Service In Sydney

The Best Restaurant Cleaning In Sydney

Whether you’re a large-scale restaurant, small cafe, stylish restaurant, or a traditional pub, professional cleaning services in the food industry are of utmost importance. It is more than a realisation that health and hygiene are the starting point of any great food venue. Nowadays, high standards of cleanliness are not just a benchmark but an essential ‘profit-giving’ element of the business. Gateway Services has been part of the industry for more than 20 years. With high-quality cleaning solutions, quality control, safety, flexibility, and prompt communication – we have always ensured that we meet the highest industry standards in restaurant cleaning in Sydney.


We cover a lot of areas in the restaurants, ensuring that no corner in the business area is left unclean. We can also tailor our services according to your schedule, frequency, and circumstances.

  • Windows, facades, and canopy
  • Entrances and foyers
  • Bar areas
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Waiting and sitting areas
  • Floors – Cleaning, mopping, sweeping, refinishing, polishing
  • Floors – Stripping and waxing
  • Carpet and Area Rugs – Vacuum, dry method, extraction, steam, bonnet
  • Patio cleaning and external high-pressure washing
  • Upholstery and Furniture
  • Display cabinets. food warmers and buffet hot plates
  • Utility Areas
  • Restocking washroom consumables
  • Cleaning Furnace and Air conditioner vent

We add charm to your restaurant space, ensuring that the visitors and patrons enjoy the best of both worlds. For more details contact us today at 1300 554 772.

Why Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Services are Essential in 2024

With the cleaning needs, there is a certain rise in the commercial and industrial cleaners in Sydney, Australia. These are the businesses providing professional cleaning services at various locations and for a range of industries. Their professionalism and skills give them an edge over domestic cleaning techniques and efforts. Moreover, they are efficiently trained to deal with odors, chemical spills, decomposing techniques, and other specialised cleaning services. Using industry-grade cleaning solutions, eco-friendly cleaning products, the latest machinery, and professionally trained cleaners – these cleaning companies offer a range of extensive cleaning solutions. Gateway Services is one such company specialising in commercial and industrial cleaning services across Sydney.


Commercial & industrial cleaning services are suitable for any industrial set-up, whether it is a corporate house, a small office, a micro-business, an education facility, a factory, a showroom, a retail outlet, a shopping mall, forensic scene, a hospital, manufacturing unit, transportation hubs or a warehouse. They also comply with the legislative requirements to ensure the safety of the staff and the public.

  1. Understanding the Customers: One of the most important aspects of commercial & industrial cleaning services is that they understand the unique requirements of every commercial and industrial client or stakeholder. They adhere to the ethics and code of conduct, providing customised cleaning solutions at affordable rates.
  2. They evolve and innovate: They strive to build long-term relationships with their clients by providing services of high industry standards. Moreover, they are always updated with the latest in cleaning techniques and products, providing the most proficient solution to the cleanliness needs.
  3. Sustainable services: Environment sustainability and customer satisfaction is the core of all their services.
  4. Range of services: Their products and services include, but are not limited to,
  • Corporates & Offices
  • Retail & Shopping Centres
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Hotels & Clubs
  • Restaurants & Food Industries
  • Strata & Car Parks
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  1. Attention to Detail: Reliable commercial & industrial cleaning companies don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get the task done for their clients. They follow strict business principles and ensure that the work is done on time and with great attention to quality.

Hiring commercial and industrial cleaners in 2024 saves many resources and allows the clients to dedicate more time towards the growth of their business. For further details and a no-obligation quote, email Gateway Services at info@gatewayservices.com.au or call us at 1300 554 772.

Why It’s a Must to Employ School Cleaning Services?

The cleaning program of a school is an important aspect which shouldn’t be overlooked, even during the holidays. Traditionally, schools and educational facilities have their own ‘in-house’ custodial staff to handle cleaning tasks. There can be a few specific advantages related to the ‘in-house’ school cleaning, but according to Gateway Services, ‘outsourcing’ is the best option for many schools and school districts in Australia.

This option has its benefits, including the potential for considerable cost savings and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Commercial school cleaning services Sydney from Gateway Services provides an efficient cleaning staff to take care of everything unhygienic and dirty in the schools. We are the high-quality cleaners who are needed to ensure that your school premises are safe and clean for all, especially the children.

If you think about why you should hire a commercial school cleaning service in Sydney, we have many advantages to elaborate.

  • WWCC Clearance: A hygienic and sanitised environment is important to ensure safety for the kids at schools. This makes it compulsory for all the cleaners from the outsourced school cleaning company to have a WWCC (Working with Children Check) clearance. The WWCC clearance ensures that your school premises and the kids are in great hands.
  • Cost-effectiveness: In the case of outsourced school cleaning services in Sydney, the school can save a lot of finances incurred on employment taxes, employee compensation, staff benefits, and other expenses of hiring the cleaners. In the case of outsourced services, the professionals are paid for the cleaning, along with healthcare, insurance, and employee benefits.
  • Perfectionists in hygienic practices: The professional cleaners from the outsourced companies are highly proficient and effectively trained to handle school cleaning. They understand the need to keep the schools clean all the time. The cleaners also ensure that the school premises are kept dust-free and thoroughly
  • Decreased supply costs: In the case of outsourced services, the cleaning equipment, solutions, and other products are the responsibility. This leads to more savings and lesser supply costs incurred by the school administration.
  • Wide range of services: With eco-friendly products and great professionalism, the outsourced school cleaning services in Sydney guarantee high standards of cleanliness. They handle all the services, such as disinfecting floors in all areas, including washroom amenities, window cleaning, periodic trash removal, waste management, usual dusting-mopping-wiping, vacuuming, disinfecting, deodorizing, graffiti removal, wall washing, and much more.

With so many benefits, it is best to employ school cleaning services in Sydney. Are you looking for a professional school cleaning in Sydney? Gateway Services ensures exceptional cleaners and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Our expert cleaners also ensure high-quality results, leaving your school germ-free and safer for children. For further details and appointments, email us at info@gatewayservices.com.au or call us at 1300 554 772. You just have to let us know about your location, preferences, and cleaning requirements.

Reliable Office Cleaners in 2024

Does your office reflect the image you desire in 2024?

How many times you have noticed dust collecting in many areas, floor stains from a coffee spill and shoe marks, dirty windows, soiled carpets, uncleaned desks, smelly washrooms, cobwebs, and unattended bins? We understand the efforts put behind and the challenges faced in running a business. Owners have an important task to take care of than to follow up on office cleaning standards. It is always important to understand the aspects of having a clean and healthy workplace environment.

Hiring professional office cleaners to handle the important aspects of your office premises is an important decision. Gateway Services, is a renowned office cleaner in Sydney, providing quality office cleaning services for an increased sense of well-being and motivating productive working in the office. Our commercial and corporate cleaning services in Sydney provide you with everything related to office cleaning, professionally.


With over 20 years of extensive experience in the cleaning industry, we provide a wide variety of office cleaning services in Sydney. Our cleaners and specialists are formally trained in the best cleaning techniques and in using cleaning equipment to help you achieve a clean workplace environment.

  • Timely and fully equipped office cleaning service
  • Office cleaning service through experienced and trusted professionals
  • All your office cleaning needs to be done at one place – one top cleaning solution
  • Affordable rates
  • Effective communication and prompt service
  • Various specialty and tailored office cleaning services


Being one of the most trusted office cleaners in the local community, we are well aware of the fact that there is nothing better to our business than satisfactory customers. We put in our best efforts to live up to the needs of all our clients. Our customer services ensure that we deliver on our promises and achieve the desired level of office cleaning. We tailor our office cleaning services packages according to your needs and budget. With our flexibility, we ensure that the services you order do not take a toll on your business and budget. Considering the same, we can also organise after-hours cleaning, so that your daily operations do not interfere while we are doing the cleaning in your office premises. Our team of skilled professionals are well trained to handle all the office cleaning needs.

Gateway Services is your perfect choice if you are looking for reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient office cleaners in Sydney. We can be contacted anytime to facilitate your office cleaning needs. Our company also deals with other aspects of industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, kitchen and food production cleaning. Contact us for a free quote, email info@gatewayservices.com.au, or call us at 1300 554 772.

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