The presentation is vital to every hotel. Accordingly, the company has to invest in training the staff to give primary importance to the presentation of such public venues.

Apart from the skillful presentation of an appealing image through main interior spaces like lobbies, bars and entertainment areas, our staff is instructed to maintain high standard of hygiene. We pay lot of attention to frequently-visited amenities where cleanliness can easily deteriorate if proper attention is not given.

As a premium commercial cleaning company, Gateway’s servicing practice in hotels also includes thorough vacuuming of floors, and collection of broken items such as glasses and bottles where necessary. Furthermore, floor, mats and floor under the racks that attract fruit flies are carefully attended to and given complete clean-up. We have procedures to keep the interiors dust-free and cobweb free, and the technology to remove graffiti and cobwebs from the exterior of buildings. Any outside facilities that exist are also serviced and maintained by our professionally trained staff.