About our Commercial, Industrial, Office, Floor cleaning services in Sydney

Gateway Services is a widely recognized leader in the commercial, industrial, office, floor cleaning services in the industry. We are a skilled and highly-motivated undertaking, with an envious record of two decades of successful operation in the commercial, industrial, office, floor cleaning services in the industry. As a professional venture, we naturally place high priority on reliability and security. We believe that our commercial and industrial cleaning Services expanding reputation is based on initiative and drive plus quality control and most importantly, its ability to communicate promptly with its valued customers.

Our company’s reputation, growth and success in the highly competitive world of commercial, industrial, office, floor cleaning market are founded on the following attributes:
  • We are a large Australian-owned commercial and industrial cleaning enterprise based in Sydney. With over 20 years in the commercial,industrial,office,floor cleaning services in industry, we have a proud record of providing service to office,corporate cleaning in sydney as well as small to medium clients who have remained loyal to us. This is mainly due to the company’s professionalism.
  • Our professionalism is reflected in an efficient Management that responds quickly and communicates diligently, in all matters concerning our customers. The Management is served by trained and experienced staff that has skills and expertise in all areas of cleaning, including OH&S.
  • In keeping with our professionalism in commercial,industrial,corporate office cleaning services in sydney, the company places high priority on security and dependability, so that our valued customers can pursue their business goals without having to worry about safety matters. We regard the absolute protection of the customers’ premises as the primary requirement of the industry.
  • Therefore the ethical values of trust, accountability, caring, attention to details and flexibility in accommodating the particular needs (such as specifications and budgeting) of customers are what constitutes the company’s professional outlook.
  • As you would expect from such an organization, we use only the most up-to-date technology in our commercial,industrial, office,floor cleaning services, that is at once efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. The company’s own research plus networking with reliable suppliers keeps us informed of new and quality products in the industry.
  • Gateway Services’ over-all mission is excellence in the profession. The company has adopted practical and innovative approaches in management and operations to achieve continuous growth and reach that ultimate goal of excellence. Our mission is designed to serve the best interest of our customers.
  • We provide 24 hour service and have phone diversion facility for this purpose.


At the time of presenting our quotation, the Company will provide from our extensive list of clients at least 30 contacts with details of name, address and phone number. This is a testimony to the loyalty and satisfaction that marks our relationship with all clients. Several of our clients have come through referrals and recommendations of other valued customers.

Here is what they say……

Andrew Webb

Ability Education - Ph: 9211 4161, Mob 0421 729409

Apart from excellent standard of cleaning service provided to our college by Gateway, we formed very high regard for the honesty of its staff in returning to us a substantial sum of cash found in the premises

Julie Campbell

Nemmco Pty Ltd - Ph. 8884 5066

As our business is very security conscious, we found Gateway Services reliable and trustworthy; we are very happy with their service.

Michael Moore

Summit Restaurant - Ph. 9247 9777

I found Gateway Services have an excellent method of maintaining our large restaurant for last 12yrs.


Logtek Pty Ltd - Mob 0409 705 233

We are receiving an excellent professional service from Gateway Services for all our factory floors, amenities, lunchrooms and outside areas


Metro Parking Management - Ph 9382 3400

Gateway is cleaning all our New South Wales car parks using industrial ride on scrubbers and sweepers for the last three years, we are very happy.


Tool Equipment & Co - Ph 9631 5222

Gateway Services have been servicing us for over 10 years and we have had the same cleaning staff for all this time who have been doing excellent job.

Amy Cai

Comet Training Pty Ltd - Ph 9649 5000

We have been using Gateway Services as our cleaning contractors for over 10 years during business hours. The cleaning staffs are well presented and do a very thorough job.


Gateway Services recognizes that security is a paramount concern for our clients. The company’s reputation is built on its practice of treating the protection of client premises as a primary requirement of the industry. All personnel in the establishment are trained to be strict on security. Through on-site instruction and workshops, our employees are provided with all the necessary information on details of security matters. An important part of their training is to report any breach in security promptly to Site Supervisors and Area Managers for immediate action.

Moreover the company has instituted clearance procedures that permit only trained and trusted staff to be recruited. Thus the Company policy does not allow staff through open advertisements; instead it has adopted a procedure of soliciting referrals, recommendations plus testimonials, from reputable past employers and through networking with close associates, family and friends. The final professional staff takes place only after rigorous dependability checks.

On specific request from our client, the company will provide testimonials and police clearance reports on employees concerning security matters.

The management has outlined plans to send selected employees to courses on security in order to obtain security license.

The Company has maintained high ethical standards through this policy of selective recruitment. It places high priority on values of loyalty, trust and right conduct.

Quality Control

Gateway Services is a widely recognized leader in the cleaning industry. We are a skilled and highly-motivated undertaking, with an envious record of two decades of successful operation in the cleaning industry. As a professional venture, we naturally place high priority on reliability and security. We believe that Gateway Services expanding reputation is based on initiative and drive plus quality control and most importantly, its ability to communicate promptly with its valued customers.

High Performance

  • Quality control is Gateway’s major asset that also accounts for its reputation and growth.
  • Gateway’s assurance systems are the best in the cleaning business.
  • The systems developed by the company ensure highest standard performance within the agreed terms.

Work Programs

High performance is maintained through work programs that have clearly defined, such as

  • Daily schedules
  • Staff rosters
  • Staff job descriptions

The above have been reviewed and perfected over a period of two decades.

Chemicals and Equipments

  • The Company policy requires use of most suitable chemicals and equipments.
  • Accordingly, it has long-term links with major suppliers.
  • With focus on quality, a highly selective procedure is followed in choice of materials and machines.
  • Data sheet on all cleaning products and equipments used by the cleaning staff is available to clients for scrutiny. A ‘Cleaning Products-Use and Safety Details’ chart will list all products used at a particular site.
  • All electrical and other equipments comply with A S standards.

Quality Control Inspection

  • On-site work performance is subjected to quality control inspection by Area Managers and Supervisors
  • This on-going inspection is carried out using quality control report forms that provide the structure for the reports
  • The final reports are developed taking into account the specifications and varied requirements of clients
  • The quality control reports are designed to pick up any below-standard work for prompt rectification so that there is no fall in standards
  • Copies of inspection reports are forwarded to the client for information and comment.

Customer Contact

  • Regular communication with clients on all aspects of the service provided is also how quality control is sustained.
  • Any negative point that emerges from such communication concerning cleaning standards, staff conduct, breaches of safety regulations or security matters are dealt with by Area Managers, in the first instance and subsequently by the Senior Management if the matter is not resolved immediately.
  • Our staff Communication Book is also kept by the Management on client premises.
  • A phone diversion service guarantees quick response from Area Managers at all times and, if necessary, from the Management within 24 hours.

Staff Training and Competence

  • The Company keeps record of staff members’ qualification and training and workshops are conducted to upgrade staff competence in the light of current developments in the industry.
  • The minimum standard is the Australian Cleaning Association specification. The Gateway Cleaning employees, however, are encouraged to achieve the maximum competence in their area of expertise through on-going training programs.

Occupational Health & Safety Guide

Gateway Services has produced a comprehensive manual on occupational health and safety based on its extensive experience in risk management. Visit our website at www.gatewayservices.com.au for the full version of our manual called A Gateway Services Health and Safety Manual for Employees. The following is a summary of the basic policies, principles and procedures.


The Company’s policy follows the requirements in NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000, OHS Regulation 2001, National Standard for Manual Handling, Code of Practice for Health Care Workers and Code of Practice for Risk Assessment 2001. Our over-all aim is to ensure that no employees of Gateway Cleaning are exposed to risks to their health, safety and well-being. The Company’s ultimate objective is risk- free and safe working environment. In order to achieve this goal, we have in place a series of procedures and guidelines for employees. In general terms, Gateway Services’ aim, intentions and principles in relation to OHS revolve around the welfare of its employees. The objectives that Gateway aims to achieve through its safety policy are outlined below:

  • a risk and accident-free work environment
  • control all possible risk areas
  • prevent accidents from happening
  • educate Area Managers, Site Supervisors and Employees on health and safety
  • train employees to create risk-free workplace
  • involve employees in collective decision-making
  • ensure a system of work is followed to avoid risks
  • foster continuous communication on health and safety measures
  • all implement Gateway safety policies
  • complaints are heeded and problems solved without delay
  • provide rehabilitation to employees involved in accidents.


The company has a risk management system that reinforces the following practice:

  • A system of work is followed to control risks
  • Employees are given regular information and instructions on health and safety
  • Training is offered to employees through workshops and seminars
  • Decision-making on OH&S is collective
  • Required to assure safe and risk-free procedures to cleaning operations
  • Effective communication maintained with employers, supervisors and property owners
  • Strict procedures followed when accidents happen
  • Prompt response by Management to complaints by employees
  • Quick problem solving approach to reports and complaints
  • Random and planned inspections of work site are conducted

Management System

Gateway’s management system ensures the following guidelines are adopted:

  • The Gateway staff, employees and property owners understand that health and safety matters are everyone’s concern
  • Health and safety standards are followed in selecting
  • The Company’s purchasing policy follows OH&S requirements
  • Employees are informed of emergency procedures
  • Procedures for reporting accidents and injuries are adhered to.
  • Training and seminars have OH&S in the program

Line of Responsibility on Safety Issues

While Gateway Services insists that safety is everyone’s concern; however in order to reinforce its policies and procedures the following line of communication is established. The Site Inspector, directly in touch with employees report to Area Manager who reports to the Managing Director. The employees, while drawing attention to risks to Site Inspector, have access to Management through Area Manager and Office Manager.

Site Manager

  • Directly responsible for safety of cleaning operations
  • Implements the Company’s risk management procedures
  • Inspects the site with employees to identify risks
  • Classifies risks as High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk
  • Implements corrective safety procedures
  • Listens to complaints
  • Seeks solutions
  • Ensures display of safety notices
  • Sets standard for safety

Area Manager

  • Make all staff in the work project aware of Company’s safety rules
  • Plan safe work environment
  • Arrange meetings with Site Inspectors on safety matters
  • Participate in training and workshops on health and safety
  • Direct corrective procedures
  • Investigate accidents
  • Assist in rehabilitation work
  • Raise the level of safety awareness
  • Act as a channel between the Management and Site Inspectors and employees.

Risk Management Program

  1. Gateway risk management program is aimed at minimizing or eliminating all types of risks:
    • Physical
    • Psychological
    • Biological
  2. Employees are reminded that workplace injuries happen because of the following reasons:
    • Obstacles and clutter
    • Spills
    • Faulty equipment
    • Defective power source
    • Inadequate personal protection
    • Introduction of new hazards after inspection
    • Ignoring safety instructions
    • Improper training
    • Haste

The Company’s risk management policy insists on ‘Think Safety’ in all circumstances.

Further Safety Measures

  • The company has a purchasing policy that takes into account OHS requirements.
  • Health and safety standards are followed in selecting.
  • Meaningful communication is maintained with employees and property owners in the context health, safety and injury management.
  • Work Method Statements are readily available on hazards that are regarded as medium or high risk (working at heights, disposing medical waste).
  • Attention is given to proper record keeping of meetings and discussions that involves employees, particularly about work environment and feedback is always encouraged.
  • Employees are informed about site emergency procedures.
  • A properly constituted OHS Committee is organized under the chairmanship of an Area Manager.
  • Regular OHS information is disseminated through Area Managers and Supervisors.
  • Return-to-program involves active participation by employees.
  • Training in OHS requirement takes into consideration of the literacy level and language of employees.
  • The company ensures that an important proportion of employees are suitable qualified to take up responsible positions (Senior employees).
  • An integral part of the management system is reporting accidents and injury and taking corrective action to prevent recurrence.
  • The following information is made available to employees: material safety data, report of atmospheric monitoring, inspections, certification and immunization.

Cleaning Operations

Gateway’s safety Manual identifies specific instructions for each of these cleaning operations:

  • Dusting
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Buffing floors
  • Stripping
  • Bathroom & Toilet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Emptying bins
  • Clinical and pharmaceutical waste
  • Chemicals
  • Violence at workplace

There is however certain instructions/procedures that applies to all cleaning operations.

  • Make workplace free of slip/trip risks
  • Remove all obstructions to cleaning operations
  • Adequate lighting
  • Materials stored properly
  • No danger from falling objects
  • Safe accessing of higher places
  • All mechanical items in good
  • Safe work arrangement and procedure
  • Reducing force and repetitive movements, following correct procedures for manual handling
  • Perform warm-up exercises
  • Check electrical equipment for faulty plugs, sockets, switches, lead
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Proper care in lifting and shifting furniture and equipment
  • Procedures for working from heights
  • Clear debris and spills
  • Place correct signs
  • Inspect ladders
  • Keep metal ladders away from electrical equipments
  • Store hazardous substances safely
  • Label all containers
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Protective clothing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Adequate preparation for outdoor work
  • First aid facilities
  • Contact of first aid personnel
  • Toilet facilities for cleaning service
  • Drinking water
  • Check exits
  • Check procedures for waste disposal
  • Do not overload bins
  • Wheelie bins and trolleys clear of pathways
  • Strategies when working alone
  • Communication with security
  • Daily safety check

Training and Seminars

The main purpose of training workshops and seminars is to develop proper knowledge, skills and attitude in relation to cleaning operations. The following are the more specific aims and objectives:

To inform employees about OH&S regulations and codes of practice
To instruct trainees on the Company’s health and safety requirements
To make employees and Management partners in OH&S risk control
To give employees practical training in health and safety procedures.


The material for training consists of the following

  • OH&S Regulations and Codes of Practice
  • Workers compensation s
  • Injury management
  • Ethical responsibilities
  • Risk management procedures
  • Origin of risks
  • Emergency procedures and first aid
  • Gateway Manual

Training Methods

  • Employee-centered approache
  • Making trainees problem- solvers
  • Developing safety skills
  • Expanding knowledge about health and safety
  • Developing correct attitudes
  • Instruction techniques include: group discussion, one-to-one tutoring, short talks/seminars, question and answer sessions, case studies, viewing video clips.


There are three types of seminars in Gateway’s training program:

  • Special seminars on a problem-related topic-for instance, violence at workplace
  • seminars within a workshop situation— presentation by either a quest or a specialist
  • attending a public health and safety seminar.


Trainees will be involved in two types of evaluation:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the training itself
  • Evaluation of trainees’ competence

The evaluation of the workshop will help to improve training. The method of evaluating the trainees is continuous assessment of their performance in the workshop by instructors and through self-evaluation. The main outcome of the training is both the trainees as well as the Management ought to have a clear view of the level of competence of each employee. Additional training will be provided through on-site instructions.

Gateway Services makes available Health and Safety Checklist to all their employees. required to fill in a Checklist Form and to submit a Work Method Statement.

Environmental Impact

Cleaning industry has impact on the environment. Gateway Cleaning has incorporated in its company policy the following measures to managing the ecosystem:

Lending support to the country’s sustainability-based legislations

Taking simple actions on

  • water
  • waste management
  • energy and
  • biodiversity

We are sensitive to climate change and environmental damage and high social cost in ignoring conservation.

Gateway Management, under the Managing Director, has taken on the responsibility of searching for smart solutions to cleaning that will not harm the environment.