As a large cleaning operation, Gateway has accumulated a wide range of experience in hygiene and high level cleanliness to maintain hospitals and nursing homes.

The following are some of the other areas of Gateway’s expertise in commercial cleaning that are relevant to hospitals and nursing homes:

  • Sensitivity in handling operating theaters and patient restrooms
  • Maintenance of large hard floor areas
  • Vacuuming and steam-cleaning of carpeted areas
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of amenities and other facilities
  • Window cleaning
  • General and medical waste removal
  • Maintaining car parks, gardens and all external areas.

At all times we give high regard to security matters.

It is part of Gateway practice to use only approved chemicals from suppliers with whom the company has long-established relationship. It also has a research arm that keeps abreast of developments in recent technologies in the cleaning industry.

Cleaning report sheets are made available to hospital and nursing home administrators.