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With a lot of food and baked items in facilities like commercial kitchens, bakeries and more – there is no thought about running out of profit. Everybody loves to eat, and there is hardly anybody who wouldn’t enjoy a savoury pastry. Apart from cooking their best, the biggest concern about such facilities is hygiene. When a customer or food explorer walks in the front door, the most crucial factor to impress him with food items is a clean environment. Gateway Services specialises in food industries cleaning in Sydney.

Without effective daily cleaning – the grime, dirt, and bacteria tend to build-up at a fast rate. These factors can also cause potential food-borne disease, consider hitting your business profits. With our bakery factory cleaning services in Sydney, we strive to provide an environment which is essential to every food industry business.

Our Bakery and Food Industry Cleaning Services Include:

Our cleaning services can help you ensure that you are meeting all the significant obligations of being in the food industry. We have designed our food industries cleaning services to meet the toughest of the cleaning demands. Our professionally trained staff follow good cleaning practices, which considerably reduce the risk of poisoning and contamination – putting your customers off the risk!

  • General Cleaning:
    Sanitisation of all work surfaces and areas
  • Deep Cleaning:
    To avoid cross-contamination and increase food hygiene
  • Risk Assessment on Health & Safety:
    To minimise the risk of health hazards and fire emergencies
  • Ventilation and Access Panel Cleaning:
    To ensure that the premises are not prone to fire accidents
  • Grease Extraction:
    As per the norms of the insurance companies
  • Kitchen & Bakery Equipment:
    Ovens, hobs, ranges, mixers, vegetable peelers, steamers, fryers, rotisseries, roll plants, ductwork and much more.

At Gateway Services, we provide a holistic approach towards kitchen cleaning Sydney. With high industry standards, we ensure that the hygiene at your kitchen or the bakery stays at par.

We offer professional once-off cleaning services and day-to-day maintenance solutions. Call us now for a sparkling and spotless bakery cleaning service in Sydney.

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