Medical Centre Cleaning Services

Professional Medical Centre & Age Care Cleaning in Sydney

It is important to understand that the cleaning standards and requirements at medical centres and age care are crucial. The cleanliness at medical centres is directly related to the health and hazards of your clinical staff, non-clinical staff, patients, visitors and consultants. With more than 20 years of experience, we are aware of the hospital hygiene & age care cleaning standard and attending the high risk areas. Gateway Services undertakes the medical centre cleaning as a responsibility towards the community and with social awareness.

Medical Centre And Age Care Cleaning Solutions

Infection Control And Specialist Training

Our professionally trained staff have a competent knowledge about the benchmark of cleanliness required in medical centres. As a normal practice, we use colour coded system to minimise the high risk of cross-contamination. All the touch-zone hotspots of infection always have our special attention.

Gateway Services understands complete hygiene cleaning solutions for hospitals and age-cares, to ensure that the consultation cabins, examination rooms, surgical areas, laboratories, waiting areas, administrative zones, patient rooms, the car park and the whole building remains in excellent ‘risk free’ condition.

Quality medical centre cleaning requires a targeted approach, complete attention to detail cleaning and sanitation. These factors are necessary and critical in removing and reducing the spread of hospital acquired infections. We are known to use the latest cleaning technology available in the healthcare sector and eco-friendly chemicals. Our professionals are well trained in deep cleaning solutions to ensure the environment in the medical centre is comfortable to the visitors, healthcare staff and the patients.

To sustain hygienic and safe environment, we make sure that there is strict adherence to cleaning schedules and quality control. Prevention is better than cure and our cleaning procedures are codified and check listed at every step to avoid any outbreak due to harmful microorganisms. We provide a customised cleaning plan, regular audits, infection control procedures, routine reviews and certification for deep cleaning services in Sydney, if applicable.

We understand that cleanliness is the most important factor for any medical or age-care centre. Our staff are trained accordingly, background checked, dedicated and reliable to avoid any grievances from the clients. We are also providing commercial cleaning service including retail & shopping centres cleaning, supermarket cleaning, office cleaning, car park cleaning, strata cleaning, factory cleaning etc. For further details and an obligation-free quote, contact us now.