The retail stores and businesses are a visible representation of your brand to the buyers. There are many fabulous aspects of retail facilities, cleanliness being one. Dust-free, sparkling clean facilities create a positive impact and inevitably boost the business reputation and cease the germ-travel. With clean premises, the shoppers are more likely to visit you again and give recommendations. Retail cleaning is your partner anytime of the day!

When you choose retail cleaning services, Gateway Services creates a plan that fully caters to the unique commercial cleaning services needs of your retail premises. Our highly trained staff, cutting-edge technology, effective techniques, and efficiency are all about high industry standards. We strive to create the best first impression for your clients and customers. Working behind the scenes, our cleaning services are highly reflected on displayed merchandise – giving the best retail experience to all.

Whether small boutiques or larger shopping malls, we are equipped to provide services to all industrial and commercial clients. Our cleaning services Sydney are designed to provide minimum disruption to store workers and potential buyers. We also follow strict adherence to health & safety regulations. We ensure that no accidents and injuries happen due to unclean/unhygienic environment.

Our Retail Cleaning Services Include:

We understand the pressure in the retail marketplace and we aim to deliver cost-effective cleaning services, simultaneously maintaining a great quality of the retail environment for your customers. Our services include, but are not limited to,

  • Customised retail cleaning packages
  • Hard surface floor maintenance
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Cleaning of public conveniences and washroom facilities
  • Window and door cleaning services
  • Glass and mirror cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning and care
  • Concourse cleaning services
  • Ventilation cleaning services
  • Disinfection of high-touch surfaces

With trained and professionally reliable staff, Gateway services ensure that your expectations of retail cleaning in Sydney are met with ease. Ready for cleaning services for the retail facility? Request a quote now