Today, maintaining a clean office environment is not a child’s play. It is one of the most important factors. A clean office environment is a safe and healthy place for all your employees. A clean office makes the perfect first impression on all your clients and visitors. With time, everything withers and gets old including your flooring.

Whether you have a hard-surface flooring, carpet, or both of them, there are ample things to consider as your flooring ages. Here are some tips from our experts at Gateway Services on how to keep your commercial flooring young and shiny.

For Hard-Surfaced Floors

If you have a hard-surfaced commercial flooring then the following two tips are for you.

1. Get rid of the mop bucket:

The age-old traditional mop and bucket just spread the dirt instead of cleaning it while steam mops kill bacteria and mold. Also when you opt for a steam mop you don’t need to use any chemicals.

2. Clean and rinse together:

When it comes to a cleaning solution, more is never better. Too much of a cleaning solution would leave a sticky residue that would hold dirt and grime. Our experts, therefore, recommend cleaning and rinsing the floors at the same time.

For Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring needs more love and care than hard-surface flooring and here are two tips that make sure your carpet ages gracefully.

1. Install a walk-off system:

Every commercial space can benefit from a walk-off system. If a walk-off system is placed in your office, the dirt gets captured before anyone steps onto the carpet. This prevents the dirt from going into the carpet’s fibers and causing damage.

2. Implement an aggressive cleaning schedule:

It is always said that prevention is better than cure and therefore daily vacuuming is a must. This shall ensure that your carpet ages gracefully.

Your flooring creates an impact not only on your employees but also on your visitors and therefore we recommend you go for an annual office cleaning with a good professional cleaning company. At Gateway Services, we provide the best commercial cleaning services for your complete office.

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