The season of presents, goodwill and parties is here. The magical season of Christmas is here and so is the time for an office Christmas party. Celebrating the Christmastide with your office employees is a great tradition as it gives them a chance to interact more with their colleagues and enjoy the festivities. Hosting the office party, however, can be a stressful responsibility and cleaning up after the party can be even more overwhelming.

This Christmas season, it’s time to give your office the much-needed tender love and care. It’s time you meet the new year clutter-free. At Gateway Services, we have an experience of over 20 years of providing services to corporate and general offices. Our annual cleaning gives you a spick and span office for the complete year.

We understand that clean and well-presented office premises will be more inviting to the customers and indirectly help in business retention and increasing productivity. We know the trick of the trade to ensure you have a sparkling office in no time and here are some tips from our experts that would assist you in post-Christmas party office clean-up.


Yes, you read it right. You begin with the most simple task of all. At Gateway Services, our experts believe that it is extremely difficult to understand where to begin the cleaning once the party is over. We recommend that a good start would be decluttering.

This would assist in freeing up space and clearing out the waste. In addition to this having separate bin bags for waste, paper and glass recycling can work wonders. Sorting out the waste while decluttering will get two jobs done at the same time. You shall get a cleaner office along with bin bags with separate waste at the end.

Plan Your Cleaning

We understand this might sound extremely boring but planning your office cleaning can go a long way. If you plan early, maybe even before the party, it proves to be an excellent way for effective cleaning.

You can place bins discreetly in convenient places throughout the party for paper plates and cutlery. Placing out some trays for used plates can also be high-flying. This would assist you when cleaning up later since the mess would be conveniently stacked.

Air Fresheners

Once the cleaning is over, your office will appear to be clean free from all kinds of spills and dirt. But, what about the party smell that would be lingering in the office air? It is, therefore, important to replace all stale odors with a light and fresh smell. This can be easily done by placing air fresheners around the office.

The best way to ensure your office is up to the mark is to opt for professional cleaning services. At Gateway Services, we offer you a wide range of cleaning services on an annual basis. For assistance connect with us on 1300 554 772.

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