Every guest has a different expectation from their hotel accommodations. Right from being super comfort-related to having free Wi-Fi or complimentary tablets, there are innumerable expectations. One expectation, however, is the same for all guests and that is picture-perfect cleanliness. Clean and hygienic bathrooms to fresh and newly washed linens and spotless rooms are the biggest cleaning expectations.

The cleaning of the rooms in your hotel is an indication of quality, excellence and respect for your guests. Gateway Services is renowned for providing the best hotel and club cleaning services and here are some tips from our experts that would help you in continuously raising your standards.

Provide Essential Training

Today, most of the people know what is needed to keep a washroom, bedroom or lobby area clean but everyone’s idea of cleaning is different. It is, therefore, important for your staff to have a clear definition of the hotel’s cleanlinesses rules and not their own. The best way to do this is through thorough training. You can train your staff as to how perfect the toilet should be cleaned or where to hang the bathroom hand towels or how perfect the floors should be vacuumed. In addition to this, follow-up training has proven to be the most efficient when it comes to introducing new cleaning methods and new tools that would be more effective.

Perform Spot Checks

The final say whether your hotel is clean or not will be definitely given by the guests. Guests are the ultimate determiners whether your hotel is truly clean or not and they would surely let you know about this. But, it should never reach such a point, this can be done when you regularly perform spot checks. Spot Checks helps with quality control and provides an opportunity to see where the workers are excelling and where additional training would be needed.

Create New Benchmarks

When your staff is doing everything right and even your spot checks are going well, its time to create new benchmarks. You need to exceed guests’ tidiness expectations every time. Once you reach your goal in one specific area its time to move to the next where there is still scope for improvement. Remember there is always a scope for creating new benchmarks.

With over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Gateway Services provides you with a wide range of professional cleaning services on an annual basis. Connect with us today with all your cleaning requirements.

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