Reliable Office Cleaners in Sydney

Does your office reflect the image you desire?

How many times you have noticed dust collecting in many areas, floor stains from a coffee spill and shoe marks, dirty windows, soiled carpets, uncleaned desks, smelly washrooms, cobwebs and unattended bins? We understand the efforts put behind and challenges faced in running a business. Owners have an important task to take care of than to follow up on office cleaning standard. It is always important to understand the aspects of having a clean and healthy workplace environment.

Hiring professional office cleaners to handle the important aspects of your office premises is an important decision. Gateway Services, is renowned office cleaner in Sydney, providing quality office cleaning services for increased sense of well-being and motivating productive working in the office. Our commercial and corporate cleaning services in Sydney provides you with everything related to office cleaning, professionally.


With over 20 years of extensive experience in the cleaning industry, we provide a wide variety of office cleaning services in Sydney. Our cleaners and specialists are formally trained in the best cleaning techniques and in using cleaning equipment to help you achieve a clean workplace environment.

  • Timely and fully equipped office cleaning service
  • Office cleaning service through experienced and trusted professionals
  • All your office cleaning needs to be answered at one place – one top cleaning solution
  • Affordable rates
  • Effective communication and prompt service
  • Various speciality and tailored office cleaning services


Being one of the most trusted office cleaners in the local community, we are well aware of the fact that there is nothing better to our business than satisfactory customers. We put in our best efforts to live up to the needs of all our clients. Our customer services ensure that we deliver on our promises and achieve the desired level of office cleaning. We tailor our office cleaning services packages according to your needs and budget. With our flexibility, we ensure that the services you order do not take the toll on your business and budget. Considering the same, we can also organise after-hours cleaning, so that your daily operations do not interfere while we are doing the cleaning in your office premises. Our team of skilled professionals are well trained to handle all the office cleaning needs.

Gateway Services is your perfect choice if you are looking for reliable, cost-effective and highly efficient office cleaners in Sydney. We can be contacted anytime to facilitate your office cleaning needs. Our company also deals with other aspects of industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, kitchen and food production cleaning. Contact us for an obligation-free quote, email or call us on 1300 554 772.