‘Factory workers are not working for capitalism, they are working for a living wage.’ – Bernard Crick

When the laborers come to the work premises, they come with the responsibility of their families and dreams in their eyes. They come to work with trust and reliability in the management of their rights and safety. It is not an easy job and will never be. The laborers are daily wage workers and under a low affordability circle. It becomes the responsibility of the owner and the management to take care of the health of all workers and the staff.

The health of the workers can be taken care of well by providing them with a clean and safe environment. This has multiple benefits for the factory and the organisation itself as it would increase productivity and decrease the product turnover rate due to the regular working hours of the workers.

Why is Cleanliness in Factory Premises Important?

A factory can be a house of bacteria and microorganisms. If they are not treated well, they can spread numerous diseases. This makes it even more important to adopt a standard cleaning process in the factory-like factory floor washing, scrubbing, sanitizing, and deodorizing.

Improving the Quality of Air at the Workspace

Good results can only be achieved when everyone works in the same manner with the same hard work and dedication. This commitment is only possible when the workers are healthy physically and mentally. Both of the health is only possible when the workers are surrounded by a healthy atmosphere that promotes positivity, happiness, and enthusiasm. Factory work is tough and requires 100% concentration to avoid unwanted accidents. The workers are only able to focus their best when they can delegate their full trust in their safety to the factory management and their representatives. Cleanliness in the workplace will promote more productivity and more growth of the organisation as workers are less likely to get infected by deadly diseases much more likely to be present in the air from the leftovers of the product.

Well Maintenance of Machinery

The machinery in the factory is a long-term investment and asset. The aim is to use the same machine over the years and make a profit by reducing the cost of production. The cost of production can only be reduced if the machine hours and labor hours work in inverse proportion. The higher the number of machine hours, the higher the number of production and this is possible when the machines are well-oiled, cleaned, and maintained regularly. This increases the lifespan of the machinery than the expected period.

The cleanliness department of the factory should be active, especially in the current pandemic time where safety is a must to keep the work on track. For this reason, it is advisable to go for annual cleaning and packages to keep the expenses under budget.

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