This year, we saw one of the most critical health conditions throughout the world. Even today many countries are suffering from the corona pandemic. Did you know offices and workplaces were one of the first things that had to be closed during this pandemic situation?

An office or workplace is considered to be the second home of not only the employer but also the employees. Several places in any office can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses. At Gateway Services, we believe that an office and workplace should be pure and a safe place. Remember if the workplace is dirty or poorly maintained it can not only hamper the creativity but also the productivity of your employees. An office place should be cleaned, disinfected and maintained regularly, but, no matter how much you want or try there will be certain places that you might miss out and therefore it is important to hire professional assistance. Our expert team has immense experience in providing the best office cleaning services throughout Sydney and here are some of the common places in offices where viruses and gems can be found.


Office floors are prone to viruses, germs, and bacteria. The floors are used by all the employees every day as everyone walks on them throughout the day with their shoes on. Additionally, wet areas on your office floor are something that invites germs and viruses more easily.


Break rooms and restrooms are used by all the staff and therefore the chances of infection spreading are the highest in the restroom. Common places like washbasins, toilet seats, sinks, dustbins, tissue holders, driers, mirrors, water taps, doorknobs, etc are highly prone to viruses and bacteria. A professional cleaning company will assist in properly cleaning and disinfecting your restrooms.

Meeting Room

The meeting room in your office is a place where bacteria can get accumulated. It is a commonly used place and also it is being used by multiple people at one time making the chances of infection spread higher. Additionally, if the meeting room is being used to eat, then the risks of infection can get higher.


A kitchen is a place that is prone to germs and bacteria as it deals with one of the most sensitive parts and that is food. Bacterias can be easily found in rotten food, unwashed dishes and utensils and, therefore, it is important to keep and maintain a clean kitchen in the office.

Computer Systems

Bacterias and viruses easily spread from your hand to anything and everything you touch including the computer system, multiple times a day. It is, therefore, a huge probability that germs can be found in office systems. Along with washing your hands regularly you also need to clean and sanitize the desktops to get rid of infection-causing viruses.

Gateway Services has more than 20 years of experience in providing reliable office cleaning services. Connect with us today for annual office cleaning contract requirements. Our professional team will make sure that your office is spick and span always.

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