Our commercial cleaning experts ensure a healthier working environment, which in return gives you more productive employees and a flourishing business. We fulfill our client’s requirements beyond their expectations by maintaining superior cleaning standards in the commercial buildings.

Office Cleaning in Lane Cove

A clean work environment is a must for any company. The office will be more inviting, the staff happier and morale higher when you contact our professional office cleaning staff who are experts in their field.

Certified Strata Cleaning in Lane Cove by Trained Professionals

We’re the strata cleaning company you can trust! We are renowned for strata cleaning in Lane Cove by our sanitation and maintenance regime, which covers all open spaces and driveways, public areas, gardens and more.

Most Trusted Warehouse Cleaning in Lane Cove

Our warehouse cleaning services in Lane Cove includes degreasing, sweeping, scrubbing, cleaning of the warehouse floor and warehouse ceiling cleaning, warehouse shelving cleaning and pressure washing and chemical degreasing, recycling and waste management, external cladding/facade cleaning and more.

Efficient Kitchen Cleaning in Lane Cove

We understand that the grime and dirt will build up fast without regular cleaning. That’s why we provide top-notch kitchen cleaning services for Lane Cove businesses to keep their environment pest-free as well as safe from potential health risks.

Corporate Cleaning in Lane Cove

Corporate Cleaning

We understand that a clean workspace is a foundation for productive workers. We provide all-inclusive corporate cleaning services to keep your corporate space looking its best at any time of day at affordable rates

Expert Hotel Cleaning in Lane Cove

A clean hotel is vital for customer satisfaction and loyalty. We know how quickly dirt can settle, so it’s important to keep your property looking fresh with quality hotel cleaning services from our expert team.

Professional Bakery Cleaning in Lane Cove

When it comes to a bakery, you need someone who will clean with care and attention. The professionals at Gateway Services are trained in all aspects of food industry safety to handle any mess or spill without risk for contamination.

Hassle-free Schools Cleaning in Lane Cove

The importance of maintaining a safe, clean and healthy school environment cannot be overstated. Gateway Services will help you achieve this by providing school cleaning that ensures your premises are free from germs.

Flawless Club Cleaning in Lane Cove

Gateway Services has a team of experienced staff proficient in creating welcoming atmospheres for guests year-round. Our club cleaning service will leave you with an impeccable space ready to be enjoyed all year round.

Top-notch Restaurant Cleaning in Lane Cove

The biggest concern for restaurants is the food and also the facility’s hygiene. Without effective daily cleaning – the grime, dirt and bacteria tend to build up quickly. Gateway Services specialises in restaurant cleaning for Lane Cove.

If you are looking for complete commercial cleaning services in Lane Cove, contact us today on 1300 554 772. Mobile: 0413 776 555 Email: info@gatewayservices.com.au