We understand that your cleanliness and hygiene standards are essential to you. At Gateway Services, our team of experts meets all those standards with high-quality commercial cleaning in Kensington. We have over 20 years of cleaning industry experience, and we provide high-end cleaning solutions for industrial units, commercial spaces, and offices at affordable prices. We take COVID safety measures into account, and our professional staff use personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks while carrying out all types of cleaning jobs.

Office Cleaning in Kensington

A clean and well-maintained office is essential to create a healthy work environment and increase productivity. At Gateway Services, we provide the best in class Office Cleaning in Kensington that meets all your cleaning standards. Our professionals provide meticulous cleaning services, so you feel less stress on busy days.

Strata Cleaning in Kensington

When you need comprehensive strata cleaning for your property in Kensington, look no further than Gateway Services. We are renowned for our sanitation and maintenance regime, which covers all the open spaces, driveways, public areas, corridors, and gardens. Our team of experienced staff uses advanced techniques to ensure zero risk of damages or loss. Our strata cleaning in Kensington includes windows and glass cleaning, waste management, letterbox cleaning, and more.

Production Cleaning in Kensington

The speciality of the production facility is that it requires an advanced cleaning approach with advanced cleaning materials and state-of-the-art machinery. Whether a small production unit or a large facility, you can count on our experts for high-quality production cleaning in Kensington.

Kitchen Cleaning in Kensington

We provide high-quality kitchen cleaning in Kensington at a competitive price. We have a team of experienced domestic and commercial kitchen cleaning service who can care for all your cleaning requirements with perfection. You can rely on us for timely, hassle-free, and safe kitchen cleaning.

Corporate Cleaning in Kensington

Corporate Cleaning

Gateway Services focuses on corporate cleaning with more than 20 years of experience. We understand that operational excellence and high productivity are the keys to success for our clients in today’s competitive market environment – which is why we provide a dedicated team focused solely on your company’s cleaning needs. From general cleanliness, disinfection, and maintenance, to cleaning automatic glass doors inside, we provide end to end corporate cleaning in Kensington.

Hotel Cleaning in Kensington

When it comes to hotel cleaning in Kensington, we have you covered. Our experienced professionals provide high-end cleaning solutions for hotel public venues like lobbies or bars and maintain their aesthetic perfection.

Bakery Cleaning in Kensington

Our team has extensive cleaning experience in the food industry, so we are the most trusted name for bakery cleaning in Kensington. Our specialised bakery cleaning services reduce risks for poisoning or contamination of food. Our team takes care of all cleaning tasks while maintaining all the safety standards, including wearing personal protective equipment.

School Cleaning in Kensington

School cleaning is vital for the health and safety of the students. Our professionals provide paramount quality school cleaning in Kensington to ensure that students and teaching staff remain at a minimum safety risk. We provide end-to-end cleaning solutions for school premises from classrooms to playgrounds.

Club Cleaning in Kensington

Club owners have a challenging time cleaning and maintaining their club every day once the guests are left. The floors are usually covered in sticky, gooey substances. There is dirty laundry lying everywhere you look, utensils out of place from people who couldn’t find space on counters or tables. We offer club cleaning in Kensington for this type of situation, and our staff has been trained specifically to handle all aspects of keeping these areas safe so that they’re ready when needed again next time.

Restaurant Cleaning in Kensington

We have the best solution when you need a Restaurant Cleaning in Kensington. Our team is here to take care of everything from deep scrubbing all surfaces to wiping down glassware, leaving nothing untouched, so each room smells fresh as ever before.

If you are looking for complete commercial cleaning services in Kensington, contact us today on 1300 554 772. Mobile: 0413 776 555 Email: info@gatewayservices.com.au

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