Astonishing Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning Services

An office premise is a second home not only to the employer but also to the employees. Most of the Australians spend much of their waking hours in the office. It is important to make sure that the workplace experience is a pleasant one for all. A clean and tidy office boosts the morale of your staff. It encourages your visitors and potential customers to come on board with you. Today choosing a professional cleaning company that understands your specific business’s requirements is essential. Hiring a professional office cleaning company has undue advantages and benefits.

Increase in Productivity

An office filled with dirt and dust can make staying focused difficult for your employees. A visible mess, clutter, and dirt can hamper productivity and a person’s ability to concentrate. A professional cleaning company will make sure your office is kept up to the mark, and neat always. A clean office will ensure that your employees stay happy and become more productive.

Professional Appearance

A neat and clean office symbolizes professionalism. A professional image plays a huge role in front of your visitors and clients. Hiring a professional cleaner gives your office a clean and professional appearance. It means you can avoid the embarrassment of clutters and messy workspaces in front of your clients. A reliable cleaning service will take care of all your business’s needs and fulfill them accordingly.

Long Term Cost saving

It is a common notion that professional cleaning services are expensive but the truth is hiring a professional cleaning company can save you thousands of dollars in the future. The carpet and rug areas look always as good as new and you do not have to spend buying new ones when cleaned well. In addition to this, the air stays fresh so none of your employees have any respiratory issues or fall sick and take leaves.

At Gateway Services, our team understands that operational excellence, high productivity, and a motivating clean environment are of paramount importance to all our clients. We ensure that along with cleaning, your corporate space is provided with the highest level of hygiene.

Common Office Places Where Viruses and Germs Can Be Found

This year, we saw one of the most critical health conditions throughout the world. Even today many countries are suffering from the corona pandemic. Did you know offices and workplaces were one of the first things that had to be closed during this pandemic situation?

An office or workplace is considered to be the second home of not only the employer but also the employees. Several places in any office can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses. At Gateway Services, we believe that an office and workplace should be pure and a safe place. Remember if the workplace is dirty or poorly maintained it can not only hamper the creativity but also the productivity of your employees. An office place should be cleaned, disinfected and maintained regularly, but, no matter how much you want or try there will be certain places that you might miss out and therefore it is important to hire professional assistance. Our expert team has immense experience in providing the best office cleaning services throughout Sydney and here are some of the common places in offices where viruses and gems can be found.


Office floors are prone to viruses, germs, and bacteria. The floors are used by all the employees every day as everyone walks on them throughout the day with their shoes on. Additionally, wet areas on your office floor are something that invites germs and viruses more easily.


Break rooms and restrooms are used by all the staff and therefore the chances of infection spreading are the highest in the restroom. Common places like washbasins, toilet seats, sinks, dustbins, tissue holders, driers, mirrors, water taps, doorknobs, etc are highly prone to viruses and bacteria. A professional cleaning company will assist in properly cleaning and disinfecting your restrooms.

Meeting Room

The meeting room in your office is a place where bacteria can get accumulated. It is a commonly used place and also it is being used by multiple people at one time making the chances of infection spread higher. Additionally, if the meeting room is being used to eat, then the risks of infection can get higher.


A kitchen is a place that is prone to germs and bacteria as it deals with one of the most sensitive parts and that is food. Bacterias can be easily found in rotten food, unwashed dishes and utensils and, therefore, it is important to keep and maintain a clean kitchen in the office.

Computer Systems

Bacterias and viruses easily spread from your hand to anything and everything you touch including the computer system, multiple times a day. It is, therefore, a huge probability that germs can be found in office systems. Along with washing your hands regularly you also need to clean and sanitize the desktops to get rid of infection-causing viruses.

Gateway Services has more than 20 years of experience in providing reliable office cleaning services. Connect with us today for annual office cleaning contract requirements. Our professional team will make sure that your office is spick and span always.

Combat the Spread of Coronavirus with These Astonishing Office Cleaning Tips

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and no vaccine has been found yet. The lethal disease has already been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and now is the time to fight this deadly disease. Coronavirus disease is transmitted from person to person. As the death toll increases, at Gateway Services, we believe that cleanliness and hygiene are the only keys to curb the spread. We believe a sterile office environment is paramount in keeping you and your employees safe and therefore, here are some astonishing tips to keep your office clean and free of germs and viruses.

Clean Your Cellphone

Yes, the very first point is to clean your cell phones. We believe that you are connected throughout the day to business and network through your cell phones and office lines. Germs thrive on tech devices and therefore cleaning them off regularly is the best virus protection habit.

Post Hand washing Warning throughout Office

We understand this sounds something obvious, but posting warnings at high-traffic offices will remind the employees to wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. If your employees are on-site, they can wash their hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Practice the One-way Wipe Down

Remember wiping down any surface in a circular or back-and-forth direction is not the right way. This would redeposit the germs that were just wiped. It is, therefore, important to practice the one-way wipe-down method. You can wipe down commonly touched surfaces such as desks, doorknobs, workstations, pantry areas, and more in just one direction.

Trust the Best

The coronavirus scare is true but when you have effective professional help for your workplace, you can keep all your worries at bay. With over 20 years of experience in providing the best office cleaning services in Sydney, we would be happy to assist you. Our highly trained and qualified team uses eco-friendly products, giving you the best and virus-free office back. For annual, queries connect with us today.

Top 4 Office Cleaning Myths Debunked!

Cleaning a house and office space is not the same. A clean house is important for the health and well-being of your entire family and so is office cleaning important for you and your staff. Your office is your brand ambassador. A clean and hygienic office environment not only boosts the image of your business but also has many positive effects on the health and productivity of your staff. Today, the internet is a plethora of information. Most of this information is useful but sometimes, myths and misconceptions move around that need to be busted. At Gateway Services, we are renowned for providing the best office cleaning services, and here are some of the common myths that we have come across.

Myth 1 – You Can Do It Yourself

Today, many Australian owners think that there is no need to opt for commercial cleaning as regular cleaning can be done by oneself. They count on their employees to assist them with regular cleaning tasks. We understand that it is a moral duty of employees to keep their desks clean but as a business owner, you can’t always compel them. It is, therefore, essential to hire commercial assistance.

Myth 2- Cleaning Products Do Not Matter

Many business owners believe that it is important to get the cleaning job done rather than the cleaning material used but they do not realise that cheap cleaning materials can cause more problems than providing solutions. Using leftover home cleaning products is neither sufficient nor effective for overall office cleaning. In addition to this many cleaning products are harmful to health and the environment. The last thing that you want as an employer is having sick employees.

Myth 3 – No Need for Special Equipment

Many Aussie businesses still follow good old cleaning methods. It is, however, crucial to understand that modern cleaning equipment are a need of the hour. To maintain your office in good shape and always be fresh, one must use the correct and advanced cleaning equipment.

Myth 4 – No Need for Professional Help

Many business owners believe that office cleaning is an easy and simple task. This is a wrong assumption. Professional cleaners are trained to perform your job to complete satisfaction. A professional company will customise its cleaning procedure based on your specific needs. At Gateway Services, we provide you with a comprehensive annual cleaning plan. You can call us on 1300 554 772 and discuss your exact requirements and we always ensure that you always give you a healthy and safe office.

Spectular Tips for Cleaning up After the Office Christmas Party

The season of presents, goodwill and parties is here. The magical season of Christmas is here and so is the time for an office Christmas party. Celebrating the Christmastide with your office employees is a great tradition as it gives them a chance to interact more with their colleagues and enjoy the festivities. Hosting the office party, however, can be a stressful responsibility and cleaning up after the party can be even more overwhelming.

This Christmas season, it’s time to give your office the much-needed tender love and care. It’s time you meet the new year clutter-free. At Gateway Services, we have an experience of over 20 years of providing services to corporate and general offices. Our annual cleaning gives you a spick and span office for the complete year.

We understand that clean and well-presented office premises will be more inviting to the customers and indirectly help in business retention and increasing productivity. We know the trick of the trade to ensure you have a sparkling office in no time and here are some tips from our experts that would assist you in post-Christmas party office clean-up.


Yes, you read it right. You begin with the most simple task of all. At Gateway Services, our experts believe that it is extremely difficult to understand where to begin the cleaning once the party is over. We recommend that a good start would be decluttering.

This would assist in freeing up space and clearing out the waste. In addition to this having separate bin bags for waste, paper and glass recycling can work wonders. Sorting out the waste while decluttering will get two jobs done at the same time. You shall get a cleaner office along with bin bags with separate waste at the end.

Plan Your Cleaning

We understand this might sound extremely boring but planning your office cleaning can go a long way. If you plan early, maybe even before the party, it proves to be an excellent way for effective cleaning.

You can place bins discreetly in convenient places throughout the party for paper plates and cutlery. Placing out some trays for used plates can also be high-flying. This would assist you when cleaning up later since the mess would be conveniently stacked.

Air Fresheners

Once the cleaning is over, your office will appear to be clean free from all kinds of spills and dirt. But, what about the party smell that would be lingering in the office air? It is, therefore, important to replace all stale odors with a light and fresh smell. This can be easily done by placing air fresheners around the office.

The best way to ensure your office is up to the mark is to opt for professional cleaning services. At Gateway Services, we offer you a wide range of cleaning services on an annual basis. For assistance connect with us on 1300 554 772.

5 Tips for Office Spring Cleaning

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. — Hal Borland.

We have had a long winter, and now it’s time to welcome the spring with open arms. One of the ways to do this is to get rid of those dust bunnies lying around. It’s not only your residential property but also your office property that needs a thorough cleaning. At Gateway Services, we have an experience of more than 20 years when it comes to corporate cleaning. Here are some tips from our experts on what to do when you are confused with office spring cleaning.

Clean Your Computer

Computers are gross, yet the essential assets of your office. The simple keyboard is used the whole day even between meals and while drinking coffee. Many times, people also type in a key or two while eating. This results in a collection of germs, dirt, and food particles between keyboards. Today, cleaning modern keyboards from the outside is easier than its predecessors. You can unplug the keyword clean the visible parts and get the crumbs, spills, and debris out. You can also use a wet paper towel to do so.

Organize Your Desk

The computer has been taken care of. The next step is to clean what’s on top of your desk. Old stacks of paperwork and coffee cups need to go. You can also install a small filing cabinet under your desk with color-coded folders. In addition to this, investing in a pencil case is also recommended if you have pens scattered everywhere.

Time to Check and Update Your Inventory

At Gateway Services, our team has observed that many professionals have the habit of keeping trash on and around their work desks. Here, you can spend a little and buy a communal trash can and recycling bin for everyone to use. You can also take a lap around the entire office and list down the things that are missing and need to be purchased. A prepped office is the true key to a fresh spring start.

Tender Love and Care to Your Office Refrigerator

The most dreaded is refrigerator cleaning where you might even find leftovers from a party held a few months back. You can notify everyone of the fridge cleaning so they can mark whatever they would like to keep before the cleaning starts. Our experts suggest doing this at the end of the work week, so you do not end up throwing away any team members’ lunch by mistake.

Add a Splash of Colour

The last on the list by our experts is to give your office a new look. You can do this by providing the office walls with a painted facelift. This would also provide the employees with the rejuvenation they need.

Spring cleaning your office means sweeping the floors, clearing your mind, de-cluttering your desktops, and so much more. You can clean from the outside, but only professionals can give your office a thorough clean. At Gateway Services, we understand that operational excellence, high productivity, and a motivating clean environment are of paramount importance to our clients. Therefore, we provide office cleaning on an annual basis also. We also offer annual cleaning for clubs, hotels, schools, factories, restaurants, kitchens and more. Connect with us on 1300 554 772 to know more.

Advantages of Hiring Annual Cleaning Service for Your Office

Australians spend almost more than half of their day at work. While you solely rely on your employees to make the office premises clean and tidy, it means the actual and thorough cleaning still needs to be done. Remember there is dirt, dust, allergens, and pathogens in your carpets, curtains, and the upholstery of office furniture. Therefore investing in a high-quality cleaning from Gateway Services is the ideal choice.

Yes, we agree with your feeling about unnecessarily spending on cleaning agencies, but what about the benefits that come along with a professional cleaning company? Hiring a cleaning company on an annual makes perfect sense and here are the actual benefits of doing so.

Experience, Expertise & Correct Equipment

A professional cleaning company like Gateway Service means properly trained cleaners with experience and the right kind of equipment. The well-trained staff from a cleaning company would precisely know how to clean the different parts of your office environment. Also, they would come armed with all the tools and equipment specifically designed to clean your office daily, thus reducing your expenditure on commercial or industrial cleaning products.

Staff Productivity

A clean office promotes more productivity. An office full of mess, dirt, grime, and clutter will not only attract health issues but also act as a distraction affecting concentration levels. If your office feels uncared, messy, and lacking attention, it would highly impact the standards of work produced. If you set high cleanliness standards, your staff shall also set the same high standards in their work ethics and productivity.

These were just basic benefits but with Gateway Services you shall see the difference yourself. Then whether it be productivity, a few sick leaves, or your peace of mind, we shall give you the best results.

The Importance Of Clean Workplace : High Productivity And Safe Environment

Whether you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur, the importance of a clean workplace is always the major cornerstone. A clean workplace environment is directly related to a more productive workforce and positive vibes towards a successful business. Moreover, the workplace environment directly influences the wellness, productivity, and performance of the employees. While we may be discussing a lot about workplace cleanliness, there can be a scenario where the cleanliness standards can dip and we have decisions to make about professional cleaning services.

In this blog, the professional cleaning experts at Gateway Services highlight a few important points for a clean workplace.


A clean workplace makes the employees feel valued and taken care of. Moreover, it decreases employee absenteeism due to reasons related to health. Indirectly, it improves the overall productivity of the employee, helping your business in the long run. Cleanliness also is related to effective compliance with the health and safety codes of the company.


A clean workplace environment is more appealing and welcoming to potential employees, clients, and business opportunities. A clean workplace environment instills a strong sense of confidence and professionalism, reflecting a lot about your brand.


Machinery and office equipment is a necessary element in any office. Efficient maintenance and a suitable cleaning regime are required to extend their life. This ensures that the business doesn’t need to incur extra expenditure on replacing these assets prematurely.

The bottom line of every business is the employees, stakeholders, clients, and investors – all being taken care of clean workplace. With great enthusiasm and professionalism, the experts at Gateway Services provide leading services in office cleaning services in Sydney. Apart from the general services, we provide a comprehensive range of services including strata cleaning services and more. For further information and to hire the best professional cleaners in the industry, call us at 1300 554 772!

A Clean Office: Best Office Cleaning Services in Sydney

A messy office is not a good sign of a productive work environment or a creative mind! There is a lot of a clean office than a decluttered desk or clean pantry area without coffee stains on the floor. At Gateway Services, we know the best ways to a cleaner office with our office cleaning services across Sydney.


Being the best commercial office cleaning service in Sydney, our professionally trained team ensures that your office looks the best at each moment of the day. Our services include a range of office cleaning solutions from general trash management to deep cleaning.

We support the mental well-being in the workplace, increasing productivity and commercial success of the business :

Our professionals do the work so that you can focus on other important tasks:

We deep clean the office, so that the workplace environment is as hygienic as possible :

We provide long-lasting upholstery and carpet cleaning services for your offices :

Competitive prices all year round and services in your budget :

We ensure that your employees enjoy the clean office space :

With highly skilled and reliable OH&S cleaners, we ensure that your office makes the best first impression on all. To support our cause, we only use the best environment-friendly and professionally-tested cleaning solutions, ensuring.

100% customer satisfaction. To arrange a free on-site consultation or to request a quote, call us on 1300 554 772 or 0413 776 555.

Get Best Office Cleaning Services in Sydney

A clean working environment and well-maintained office premises are very important for every company. All the companies should consider hiring a trusted commercial cleaning company in Sydney. A good office cleaning service would not only make office cleanliness hassle-free for you but also make sure that your clean office appeals to the customers to have a consistent client base.

Have you ever walked in the office and felt that something is missing in terms of cleanliness? How do you choose the best commercial office cleaning service for your office in Sydney? Have you started with a small business, but are eventually in need of an office cleaning service in Sydney? How much do you feel that a clean working environment affects organisation productivity? The answer to everything is a reliable and efficient commercial office cleaning service company. With an exceptional 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Gateway Services provides quality office cleaning services in Sydney. We make sure that the business owners and the employees focus on what is more important – the clients and business growth.


Being the best commercial cleaning service in Sydney, we ensure that the office looks the best every time. Our services include a range of office cleaning solutions from general trash management to deep cleaning. With daily, weekly, and monthly options, our office cleaning services in Sydney provide:

  1. 100% Australian-owned commercial cleaning company
  2. 20 years of industry experience and expertise
  3. Quality Office Cleaning
  4. Highly-skilled and Reliable OH&S Cleaners
  5. Professionally trained Office Cleaning Experts
  6. Efficient Cleaning Equipment
  7. Environment-friendly and professionally-tested cleaning solutions
  8. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Excellence in services and cleanliness are the basic needs with never go outdated for any business or corporate office. A clean environment not only gives positive vibes but makes you feel connected to your working environment. When you are meeting the deadlines, Gateway Services is meeting the level of office cleaning services in Sydney for you.

To know more about office cleaning services in Sydney from us, mail us at To arrange a free site consultation and quote from one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Sydney, call 1300 554 772 or 0413 776 555.

Trust us with your office cleaning needs! We make sure that your office is spot-on clean and sparkling.

Reliable Office Cleaners in Sydney

Does your office reflect the image you desire?

How many times you have noticed dust collecting in many areas, floor stains from a coffee spill and shoe marks, dirty windows, soiled carpets, uncleaned desks, smelly washrooms, cobwebs, and unattended bins? We understand the efforts put behind and the challenges faced in running a business. Owners have an important task to take care of than to follow up on office cleaning standards. It is always important to understand the aspects of having a clean and healthy workplace environment.

Hiring professional office cleaners to handle the important aspects of your office premises is an important decision. Gateway Services, is a renowned office cleaner in Sydney, providing quality office cleaning services for an increased sense of well-being and motivating productive working in the office. Our commercial and corporate cleaning services in Sydney provide you with everything related to office cleaning, professionally.


With over 20 years of extensive experience in the cleaning industry, we provide a wide variety of office cleaning services in Sydney. Our cleaners and specialists are formally trained in the best cleaning techniques and in using cleaning equipment to help you achieve a clean workplace environment.

  • Timely and fully equipped office cleaning service
  • Office cleaning service through experienced and trusted professionals
  • All your office cleaning needs to be done at one place – one top cleaning solution
  • Affordable rates
  • Effective communication and prompt service
  • Various specialty and tailored office cleaning services


Being one of the most trusted office cleaners in the local community, we are well aware of the fact that there is nothing better to our business than satisfactory customers. We put in our best efforts to live up to the needs of all our clients. Our customer services ensure that we deliver on our promises and achieve the desired level of office cleaning. We tailor our office cleaning services packages according to your needs and budget. With our flexibility, we ensure that the services you order do not take a toll on your business and budget. Considering the same, we can also organise after-hours cleaning, so that your daily operations do not interfere while we are doing the cleaning in your office premises. Our team of skilled professionals are well trained to handle all the office cleaning needs.

Gateway Services is your perfect choice if you are looking for reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient office cleaners in Sydney. We can be contacted anytime to facilitate your office cleaning needs. Our company also deals with other aspects of industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, kitchen and food production cleaning. Contact us for a free quote, email, or call us at 1300 554 772.

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