No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. — Hal Borland.

We have had a long winter, and now it’s time to welcome the spring with open arms. One of the ways to do this is to get rid of those dust bunnies lying around. It’s not only your residential property but also your office property that needs a thorough cleaning. At Gateway Services, we have an experience of more than 20 years when it comes to corporate cleaning. Here are some tips from our experts on what to do when you are confused with office spring cleaning.

Clean Your Computer

Computers are gross, yet the essential assets of your office. The simple keyboard is used the whole day even between meals and while drinking coffee. Many times, people also type in a key or two while eating. This results in a collection of germs, dirt, and food particles between keyboards. Today, cleaning modern keyboards from the outside is easier than its predecessors. You can unplug the keyword clean the visible parts and get the crumbs, spills, and debris out. You can also use a wet paper towel to do so.

Organize Your Desk

The computer has been taken care of. The next step is to clean what’s on top of your desk. Old stacks of paperwork and coffee cups need to go. You can also install a small filing cabinet under your desk with color-coded folders. In addition to this, investing in a pencil case is also recommended if you have pens scattered everywhere.

Time to Check and Update Your Inventory

At Gateway Services, our team has observed that many professionals have the habit of keeping trash on and around their work desks. Here, you can spend a little and buy a communal trash can and recycling bin for everyone to use. You can also take a lap around the entire office and list down the things that are missing and need to be purchased. A prepped office is the true key to a fresh spring start.

Tender Love and Care to Your Office Refrigerator

The most dreaded is refrigerator cleaning where you might even find leftovers from a party held a few months back. You can notify everyone of the fridge cleaning so they can mark whatever they would like to keep before the cleaning starts. Our experts suggest doing this at the end of the work week, so you do not end up throwing away any team members’ lunch by mistake.

Add a Splash of Colour

The last on the list by our experts is to give your office a new look. You can do this by providing the office walls with a painted facelift. This would also provide the employees with the rejuvenation they need.

Spring cleaning your office means sweeping the floors, clearing your mind, de-cluttering your desktops, and so much more. You can clean from the outside, but only professionals can give your office a thorough clean. At Gateway Services, we understand that operational excellence, high productivity, and a motivating clean environment are of paramount importance to our clients. Therefore, we provide office cleaning on an annual basis also. We also offer annual cleaning for clubs, hotels, schools, factories, restaurants, kitchens and more. Connect with us on 1300 554 772 to know more.

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