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Restaurant & Food Industries

Gateway's cleaning practice includes preservation of image. Alongside presentation, hygiene is a high priority concern with Gateway Cleaning.

Therefore restaurants/food industries are assured of highest level of quality control; that is why Gateway is a trusted name in the business. The company is able to maintain high standards in hygiene not only because of the meticulous care it takes in meeting all the statutory requirements of health authorities, thus freeing the owners of any anxieties concerning health inspections, but also because of its own policy regarding health, hygiene and cleanliness.

The company utilizes only approved cleaning materials (the chemical data sheet is displayed on the premises),  and it employes staff with special experience and expertise in servicing restaurant/food industries premises, who knows the particular areas that must be given absolute attention like toilets and kitchen, restaurant, bakery and factory floors.

  • Promoting thoroughness

  • Your sparkling kitchen

  • Gateway cleaner demonstrates care and commitment

  • Gateway keeping the chef happy

  • Attention to health hygiene

  • Behind-the-scene action

  • Cleaning service to function venues

  • Gateway raising the restaurant experience

Commercial Cleaning

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