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Gateway Services recognizes that security is a paramount concern for our clients. The company’s reputation is built on its practice of treating the protection of client premises as a primary requirement of the industry. All personnel in the establishment are trained to be strict on security. Through on-site instruction and workshops, our employees are provided with all the necessary information on details of security matters. An important part of their training is to report any breach in security promptly to Site Supervisors and Area Managers for immediate action.

Moreover the company has instituted clearance procedures that permit only trained and trusted staff to be recruited. Thus the Company policy does not allow hiring through open advertisements; instead it has adopted a procedure of soliciting referrals, recommendations plus testimonials, from reputable past employers, and through networking with close associates, family and friends. The final hiring takes place only after rigorous dependability checks.

On specific request from our client, the company will provide testimonials and police clearance reports on employees concerning security matters.

The management has outlined plans to send selected employees to courses on security in order to obtain security license.

The Company has maintained high ethical standards through this policy of selective recruitment. It places high priority on values of loyalty, trust, and right conduct.

  • Clear security procedures

    Clear security procedures

  • Clients security is out priority

    Clients security is our priority

  • Clients security is Gateway's priority

    Clients security is Gateway's priority

  • Always eye on security

    Always an eye on security

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