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Gateway Services is a widely recognized leader in the cleaning industry. We are a skilled and highly-motivated undertaking, with an envious record of two decades of successful operation in the cleaning industry. As a professional venture, we naturally place high priority on reliability and security. We believe that Gateway Services expanding reputation is based on initiative and drive plus quality control, and most importantly, its ability to communicate promptly with its valued customers.

High Performance
  • Quality control is Gateway’s major asset that also accounts for its reputation and growth.
  • Gateway's assurance systems are the best in the cleaning business.
  • The systems developed by the company ensure highest standard performance within the agreed terms.
Work Programs
High performance is maintained through work programs that have clearly defined, such as
  • Daily schedules
  • Staff rosters
  • Staff job descriptions
The above have been reviewed and perfected over a period of two decades.

Chemicals and Equipments
  • The Company policy requires use of most suitable chemicals and equipments.
  • Accordingly, it has long-term links with major suppliers.
  • With focus on quality, a highly selective procedure is followed in choice of materials and machines.
  • Data sheet on all cleaning products and equipments used by the cleaning staff is available to clients for scrutiny. A 'Cleaning Products-Use and Safety Details' chart will list all products used at a particular site.
  • All electrical and other equipments comply with A S standards.
Quality Control Inspection
  • On-site work performance is subjected to quality control inspection by Area Managers and Supervisors
  • This on-going inspection is carried out using quality control report forms that provide the structure for the reports
  • The final reports are developed taking into account the specifications and varied requirements of clients
  • The quality control reports are designed to pick up any below-standard work for prompt rectification so that there is no fall in standards
  • Copies of inspection reports are forwarded to the client for information and comment.
Customer Contact
  • Regular communication with clients on all aspects of the service provided is also how quality control is sustained.
  • Any negative point that emerges from such communication concerning cleaning standards, staff conduct, breaches of safety regulations or security matters are dealt with by Area Managers, in the first instance, and subsequently by the Senior Management if the matter is not resolved immediately.
  • A Cleaners' Communication Book is also kept by the Management on client premises.
  • A phone diversion service guarantees quick response from Area Managers at all times and, if necessary, from the Management within 24 hours.
Staff Training and Competence
  • The Company keeps record of staff members' qualification and training, and workshops are conducted to upgrade staff competence in the light of current developments in the industry.
  • The minimum standard is the Australian Contract Cleaners Association specification. The Gateway Cleaning employees, however, are encouraged to achieve the maximum competence in their area of expertise through on-going training programs.
  • Upgrading and re-training staff

    Upgrading and re-training staff

  • Daliy schedule, staff roster and job descriptions

    Daliy schedule, staff roster and job descriptions

  • Reflecting quality control

    Reflecting quality control

  • Spotless


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